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Success Stories

New Equipment Provides Much Needed Service to Rural Community of 85 Residents

Tammi Schone
Community Facilities
Loader Equipment

Davis is a town located in Turner County, South Dakota.  It got its name from a first settler back in 1893. 

The community needed equipment to assist with year-round street maintenance and winter snow removal.  The lone piece of equipment presently owned by the town was unable to meet the needs of the community and rental rates for the type of equipment they needed access to ran $100 per hour which was not feasible for them.   

With the assistance of a USDA Rural Development Community Facility loan of $14,500 and grant of $2,500 the rural town of Davis was able to purchase a pay loader. The community will be able to utilize the equipment for maintenance, repairs and other projects occurring throughout the community.  The project will be of great service to the population of 85 residents.

“The loader is a great addition to the town and will be put to good use,” said Jay Love, Mayor of the town of Davis.  “USDA Rural Development staff were great to work with.”


Obligation Amount:
$14,500 loan and $2,500 grant Community Facility
Year(s) of Obligation:
Congressional District: