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Success Stories

Norwood Gears Up for Fire Protection

Duane Dale
Community Facilities
Norwood Fire Protection District

Having the right gear to get the job done safely is crucial for the Norwood Fire Protection Department in Norwood, CO. Thanks to a $33,200 Community Facility Grant from USDA Rural Development Colorado, they will now be better equipped. USDA Rural Development was able to assist the department with the new personal protective equipment, specifically wildland fire gear, to include coats, pants, boots, helmets, gloves and hoods.  This is the first time the department will have new gear purchased for their firefighters. Prior to this, the volunteers were often supplying much of their own equipment.

USDA’s Community Facility Program provides loan and grant funding to develop or improve essential public services and facilities in communities across rural America with priority given to public safety projects.

In addition to the protective gear, the department was also able to purchase a power load assist package to help with loading patients into their ambulance. This will help the fire volunteers load patients safely and be ready to transport them in a more timely manner. It will also help to prevent injuries to the team.

The department is comprised of approximately 40 members, with two full time employees - an EMS Chief and a Fire Chief.   The department’s district consists of a population of approximately 2,500 in south central Montrose County and central San Miguel County. The department prides itself on providing a prompt and professional response to fires, medical emergencies, and disasters which threaten the public welfare. This addition of equipment will help ensure that there mission is attained and that the team will be able to protect the lives and property of families and individuals in the area which they serve.

Obligation Amount:
Grant $33,200
Year(s) of Obligation:
Congressional District:
Tipton 03