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Success Stories

Palisade Fire Barn Renovation

Vicki Schurman
Community Facilities
Palisade Fire Station

The preexisting fire barn in Palisade, Nebraska, was too small to accommodate the needs of its Rural Fire District.

The fire ambulance, fire trucks, grass rigs, and other equipment were all parked inside a one-door building. There was barely enough room to walk between the vehicles when everything was inside and, if the vehicle in front of the building did not start, the rest of the vehicles were unable to get out. This made it a potential disaster in an emergency situation. 

Because of the small space, the facility did not have the capacity to hold meetings or fundraising events. One time during a meeting, the village had to park one of the trucks outside on the street so that it could set up a table to conduct a meeting.

USDA Rural Development funds and a contribution from the Palisade Rural Fire District were used to construct a new 8,000 square feet fire barn, located next door to the previous facility. The new fire barn is a 100’ x 80’ foot building with four doors in the front and one door at the rear of the facility. It also includes a meeting room with a kitchen, radio room, restroom, equipment room, and storage room. This new facility is also a community shelter, for which the Federal Emergency Management Agency paid 75% of the costs.  Prior to the new facility, the community did not have a shelter.


Date of Obligation
Obligation Amount:
$333,000 & $283,000 Loans
Date of Obligation:
Congressional District:
Smith 03