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Success Stories

Persistence Pays Off for New Nevada Homeowner

Jamie Welch Jaro
Homeownership Month 2023
A woman stands outside her home in Nevada.

As too many Americans experience, a huge rent increase caused Un Lee to be displaced from her apartment. She found herself homeless, living in whatever hotel she could afford. Un realized it would be easier to buy a home then continue to sink money into trying to find a rental. As interest rates increased, Un started to wonder if she’d ever be able to qualify for a good home in a safe neighborhood.

She almost gave up hope until she called the Las Vegas USDA Rural Development office and connected with Michele. Michele walked her through the agency’s home loan process which Un says she found smooth and seamless. Ultimately through her persistence Un found a home that’s just right for her in Indian Springs.

“If you have always dreamed of owning a home but never thought you could, I highly recommend the USDA and their Direct loan programs,” Un says. “A total godsend. Thanks again for the amazing experience”.

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  • Nevada: District 4