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Success Stories

Primos Pasos First Steps

Kathy Beisner
Community Facilities

Primeros Pasos, Inc. was founded by a grass roots group of caring citizens who saw a need for a high-quality education and child learning center.  The group opened a center in 1997 in a rental property.  In 2007, Primeros Pasos purchased a parcel of land (on Savannah Rd., Georgetown) with funding from Discover Bank.  A small modular unit was established on this property and the program prospered.  In 2007, USDA provided a $50,000 Community Facility grant to help purchase playground equipment at the Center.  However, due to tremendous demand, the small modular unit was soon outgrown.  Fortunately, in 2009 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Georgetown made a generous offer to utilize space in their basement.

The 2013 USDA funding is helping meet the future educational needs of children and their families.  Primeros Pasos has developed plans for a state –of-the-art permanent early learning center to care for up to 75 children, with expansion potential.  This new facility is located on the Savannah Rd. property owned by Primeros Pasos.  Three modular buildings have been donated by Poly-Tech High School. The USDA $50,000 Community Facility Grant funding will help retrofit the modular buildings into a new multi-cultural, early learning center.  Currently the organization is going through the process of obtaining permits.

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