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Success Stories

Quality, Affordable Health Care in Lytle, TX

Erika Archie
Community Facilities
Health Care

Striving to meet the needs of medically underserved rural communities, Atascosa Health Center, Inc., sought out funding from USDA Rural Development to purchase and relocate to a much larger facility in Lytle, TX

The new facility, which is approximately 8,500 square feet, has ten medical exam rooms, a laboratory, a procedure room, Women’s, Infants, and Children (WIC) offices, a large patient waiting area and a spacious parking lot.  A retail pharmacy is also located inside the building.  Design and remodeling of select areas improved the efficiency in the work spaces of providers and staff and improved access and privacy in the large patient waiting area. An adjoining autoclave room to sterilize tools, a lab procedure room, and a vaccine storage area were also added.

The Lytle Community Health Center (LCHC) is staffed with three Physicians and two Family Nurse Practitioners and an experienced Practice Manager.  The new facility also allows for the addition of behavioral health and WIC services on a permanent basis. 

The clinic will accept new patients both insured and uninsured, offering discounts based on income for those who qualify.  LCHC will  also offer several programs that eligible patients can be a part of including the Healthy Texas Women program and the Primary Health Care program.  These programs offer several benefits including screenings, treatments, and immunizations.   The clinic is also part of a grant program with the American Cancer Society for colorectal screening. 

LCHC was able to complete the relocation in April 2017.  The clinic previously operated out of two of several adjoining retail suites.


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