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Success Stories

Reliable Equipment Provides for a Greater Peace of Mind

Tammi Schone
Community Facilities
Dupree Fire Truck Photo

Ask any fire fighter, they will likely tell you that providing protection and other emergency services is demanding.  Having efficient, operable equipment that can withstand rugged terrain and extreme conditions is a real asset when it comes to providing fire protection and emergency services. 

Dupree Volunteer Fire Department is a small rural volunteer fire department located within the boundaries of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe reservation.  The Fire Department is working on replacing their most aged equipment and vehicles.  

With the assistance of a USDA Rural Development Community Facility grant of  $50,000, along with a lender contribution of $25,000, and an applicant contribution of $5,000 the Fire Department was able to purchase a Peterbilt tanker that was refurbished with a new tank, pump, and lights.  The truck was put into service in the 2017 fire season. 

The Fire Department covers a large response area of rural country in Ziebach County.  The new truck  provides greater water  resources and allows the Fire Department to decrease response time, along with reliability of equipment provides for a greater peace of mind when covering the service area with fire suppression activities. The department’s service population is 525 plus surrounding rural areas.

“On behalf of myself and the members of the Dupree Volunteer Fire Department, we would like to thank USDA Rural Development for their support in the purchase of our new tanker, “ said James Brooks, Fire Chief for the Dupree Volunteer Fire Department. “With the cost share grant we were able to replace a 1971 AMC General 6X6. As many departments struggle with the ongoing issue of revenue, it would be almost impossible to update equipment without your program and the great support from the USDA staff.”

Obligation Amount:
$50,000 grant - CF
Year(s) of Obligation:
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