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Success Stories

From Renter to Homeowner: Patrick's Path to Homeownership

Lewis Hilburn
Patrick Johnson in front of his USDA Self-Help home

Patrick Johnson had always envisioned a day when he could own a home, but he felt that it was beyond his reach due to his circumstances as a renter. However, during a conversation with a close friend who resided in a USDA self-help home, Patrick became aware of a program that could help him achieve his dream.

With the support of the Warrick County Habitat for Humanity Restore and USDA Rural Development Indiana, Patrick secured a loan and began constructing his new home. The feeling of joy and pride that he experienced when he finally became a homeowner was indescribable.

“I've rented most of my life, but I recently had a son. He's three years old now and this is an opportunity for me to show him that you can do more than just rent an apartment from somebody else. You can actually physically own something and make a better life for yourself and I am more than excited to make a better life for him.”

As a result of this program, Patrick was able to provide a better life for his three-year-old son and gain valuable knowledge and skills that he could use to help other USDA self-help homeowners and maintain his own house. The entire process was an enriching experience for Patrick, which gave him a sense of accomplishment and a new perspective on life.

“The crew from Rural Development and out of the Habitat for Humanity Restore make the entire process very simple. They walk you through filling out all of the paperwork, everything step by step. And then, of course, they're also always out here working. They teach you everything you need to know, and they're giving you knowledge that you can take into the future.”

With a Mutual Self-Help Technical Assistance grant of $465,000 from USDA Rural Development, the Warrick County Habitat for Humanity significantly impacted the community. The grant allowed them to provide essential technical assistance to families in need, empowering them to build safe and affordable homes for themselves. This grant has helped to positively change the lives of many people who would otherwise struggle to find suitable housing.

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