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Success Stories

Roam Free Ranch Uses USDA To Expand Markets

Sue Kerver
Local /Sustainable/Organic Foods
Local Foods
Small Business
People holding bison jerkey

Roam Free Ranch (https://goroamfree.com) is a 16,000 acre grass-fed bison ranch in Hot Springs, Montana.  In 2020, Roam Free Ranch utilized a USDA Rural Development Value Added Producer Grant to secure funding to help scale production capacity and expand their markets.  With the help of this award, Brittany and Jon are realizing their dreams and have grown their initial 240-acre investment into a thriving business with multiple employees that is supplying America with Montana-raised bison products. 

Click here to see their story: Roam Free Ranch Uses USDA To Expand Markets - YouTube

Obligation Amount:
Date of Obligation:
August 31, 2020
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