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Success Stories

Rural Community’s First Hospice Center

Robi Fauser Fink
Economic Development
Health Care
Rural Development
photo of ribbon cutting

For the people of Glasgow, Kentucky, a collaboration between T.J. Community Mission Foundation, the city, Farmers Rural Electric Cooperative, and USDA Rural Development helped to meet a critical need in the community. In 2020, the city was able to open its first hospice center and ultimately provide patients with compassionate and quality care.

“The T.J. Community Mission Foundation will forever be grateful to Farmers Rural Electric Cooperative and the USDA for the partnership which allowed us to boldly move forward in the construction of the facility while still in the midst of the fundraising campaign,” said Randy Burns, Executive Director of TJ Community Mission Foundation.

photo of hospice facility

The project was made possible with a $2 million, zero-interest, 10 year Rural Economic Development Loan (REDL) approved by USDA Rural Development, granted via Farmers RECC to the Shanti Niketan Hospice Home. This well thought out 10,400 square foot facility provides inpatient rooms and private areas for families and guests. When visiting the facility, you are able to see the great care to make sure families of the loved ones receiving hospice care are taken into consideration. 

As you tour the facility, it feels like a home, not a hospital. You may also notice a nod to the Circle of Life, as the design gives the visitor the feeling of a ‘Peaceful Place’-the translation of Shanti Niketan. A name selected by lead philanthropic supporter, Dr. Bharat Mody of his native language. For many near the Barren County, KY community, that is exactly what the center brings and dignity through health care.

photo of inside hospice facility

"The Shanti Niketan Hospice Home has truly become the blessing to our community that so many hoped it would be. In just over one year since admitting its first patient, almost 100 families have been cared for in this home like setting that provides all of the amenities of a state of the art medical facility. Randy Burns, Executive Director, TJ Community Mission Foundation"

facility workers group photo
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