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Success Stories

Rural Creamery Supplies Urban Texans with Wholesome Fare

Gayle Aubrey

The Miller Family Farm has been in operation for three generations in the rural Crawford/McGregor area of McLennan County, just west of Waco, Texas. Grandpa Miller began milking cows during World War II and the tradition continues to this day through his grandson, Craig Miller, and his wife Rhianna, who began producing raw milk after it was discovered that Rhianna’s allergy to milk did not react to raw milk. With the help of Craig’s parents, they have expanded the business to include low-temperature pasteurized, non-homogenized milk, cheese and cream.

Mill-King Market & Creamery, LLC, is a wholesale dairy that provides low-temp pasteurized, non-homogenized milk and cream products to approximately 200 retail clients throughout Texas; clients who either incorporate the milk and cream into making their own products, or who sell the milk and cheese directly to the public. Their clients include Whole Foods Markets in the San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas-Fort Worth areas. Mill-King Creamery works with numerous "Farm to Table" organizations in these areas to bring fresh, locally-grown agricultural products to people who live in the urbanized areas of the state, and they actively participate in farmers markets in Austin, Cedar Park and Waco. The Miller’s also have a small farm store near their dairy where local customers can purchase raw milk, cheese, yogurt and farm raised beef products.

In April 2014, the Millers rebranded the company logo and began the process of updating their product labels and promotional materials. They’ve also recently begun producing and selling CaCow Milk, which is made with 1% Mill-King milk, organic raw cacao powder and organic raw agave nectar.

USDA Rural Development’s Value-Added Producer Grant funds will be used to provide the Miller’s with the additional working capital they need to meet rising labor and utility costs associated with processing the milk products, increased distribution costs, funds to purchase additional packaging and labeling supplies and to promote and market their line of products. The Miller’s are proud to say, "Mill-King is about getting back to the basics of food. Home grown and raised, just like when Grandpa started milking his first cows. It’s all natural, just like nature intended."

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  • Texas: District 17