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Success Stories

Rural Libraries Provide Computers and Internet Access

Deborah Callahan
Community Facilities

Public libraries can serve as portals for rural communities, connecting residents to a variety of information and resources.  This is certainly the story of Mr. Sule Opio of Ambrose, Georgia.  An artist, Sule says he uses the computer at the Ambrose branch of the Satilla Regional Library to research projects, for example, seeking how other artists approach their work.  He also gets a wealth of information on current events around the nation.  He says “I love using the computer to see parts of the world that I may never visit.  From Ambrose I can travel the world.”

USDA’s Community Facilities Grant program provides funding to develop essential community facilities in rural areas.   In July 2016, USDA awarded the Ambrose library $25,000 to improve their technological capabilities and ensure community computer and internet access is available to the residents in Coffee County, Georgia.

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GA District 12 Representative R.W. Allen