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Success Stories

Rural Water System Improvements Prove to be Influencer in New Elementary School

Mary Sneckenberg
Well house

The village of Bladen consistently dealt with issues of coliform violations but worked hard and successfully to keep the problem manageable.  The water storage, a 1911 elevated tank, was in need of painting and resurfacing of the interior and exterior along with sanitary improvements and a new roof and riser pipe.  Meters also needed to be installed for water system usage and equitable billing purposes.

With the help of USDA Rural Development, this project completed in August of 2016, addressed the aforementioned needs in addition to well improvements, installation of variable frequency drives on two wells, installation of a natural gas generator, distribution improvements of 4,850 linear feet (lf.) of 6 inch main; 5,800 lf. of 4 inch main, 15 fire hydrants, 32 gate valves, 70 service connections, and meter hardware and billing software for this village of 237 residents.

Equally as exciting as the village of Bladen’s gaining an improved water system was the construction of the new elementary school.  The Silver Lake School District (Silver Lake and Bladen consolidated school district) likely took the improved water system into consideration during the site selection process.


Obligation Amount:
$677,000 Direct Loan; $485,572 Grant
Year(s) of Obligation:
Congressional District:
Smith (03)