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Success Stories

RUS Electric Program Finances Hydroelectric Power

Arthur Gile
Renewable Energy
R.C. Thomas Hydroelectric Station

Hydroelectric power RUS Electric Program approved $73 million in loan funds to finance ETEC’s R. C. Thomas Hydroelectric Station (R.C. Thomas Station), formally known as the Lake Livingston Hydro-electric Station, located near the City of Lake Livingston in Polk County, Texas. This project will be a 24 MW “run of river” facility using the existing Lake Livingston Dam and reservoir located in southwest Texas on the Trinity River. The total project costs estimated at $140 million dollars, which ETEC is funding with the RUS Electric Program loan and Clean Renewable Energy Bonds. The dam and reservoir are owned, operated and maintained by the Trinity River Authority of Texas. This project is a qualified renewable energy resource scheduled to go online in 2017 and meets Texas’ Renewable Portfolio Standard.

 Hydroelectric Power is the largest source of renewable power in the United States. ETEC’s Hydro project further strengthens RUS Electric Program’ position of sustaining renewable energy and partnering with rural electric cooperatives to meet the communities’ energy needs.

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Texas 36