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Success Stories

Smell the Roses!

Vicki Schurman
Home Repair
Loves Her Roses

Harriett is an 87 year old single female in Scottsbluff, NE, living on a limited, fixed income.  Her home is an 808 sq. ft. home built in 1935.  This home has been in the family for many years.   Harriet had been having trouble with her sewer line for quite some time.  The problem was discovered to be between her house and the city main, so she was told that it was her responsibility to complete the repairs.  Since she did not have the funds for these repairs, she did the best that she could.  For months, she was very careful not to put any paper in her toilet, and frequently took her showers at friends/neighbors.

A friend heard about USDA Rural Development’s 504 Repair program, and brought her in to the local office to apply.  USDA Rural Development was able to help by providing grant funds in the amount of $5,500 to install a new sewer line from the house to the city connection in the alley. The workers dug an entry opening near her house and an exit in the alley, and then pulled the line through her old existing clay pipe—bursting it and replacing it with a seamless new pipe all at the same time.  This was all accomplished without digging up the entire yard and destroying her rose bushes!

Harriet is very grateful that she heard about the USDA Rural Development program, and that we were able to provide the assistance that she needed.

Obligation Amount:
$5,500 Grant
Year(s) of Obligation:
Congressional District:
  • Nebraska: District 3