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Success Stories

Softcom’s Digital Footprint Impacting North-Central California

Jessica Mailander
Softcom's BIP Project

Softcom Internet Communications, Inc. (Softcom) is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Galt, California serving rural portions of North-Central California. Due to topographical challenges of the terrain, Softcom needed assistance expanding its existing network to underserved businesses and residents in Sacramento and San Joaquin County.

In 2010, Softcom  received  a  Broadband  Initiatives Program (BIP) award under the American Recovery and  Reinvestment  Act  of  2009.  They  obtained  a loan/grant  combination  totaling  $6,758,835.  This award will assist the company to provide broadband services to over 10,000 households and businesses, and  several  anchor  institutions  once  the  network build-out is complete.

 At New Hope Dairy, a new $3.5 million digester is used to convert manure into gas which produces enough electricity to power 250 homes a day. Following the build out of Softcom’s BIP project, the Dairy’s methane plant runs on Softcom’s broadband wireless technology.
As of July of 2014, Softcom completed the major construction on its project and was connecting additional customers to its network. As a result of the award, Softcom now provides high speed internet to nearly 70% of the wineries that fall within its service area. These wineries are now able to expand their operations and better market their products to a wider customer base. Additionally, Softcom became New Hope Dairy’s high-speed internet provider, where the company’s new methane plant operations are dependent on these services. Now that the methane plant receives broadband service, it can operate new equipment that converts manure into gas, which in turn, powers a portion of the town’s residences.




Obligation Amount:
$6,758,835 ($1,689,710 Loan and $5,069,125 Grant)
Year(s) of Obligation:
Congressional District:
  • California: District 9