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Success Stories

Village of Walthill Nebraska Updates Antiquated Wastewater System

Vicki Schurman
Walthill Lagoon

The Village of Walthill was issued an Administrative Order from the Environmental Protection Agency that their wastewater system was out of compliance. It was necessary to alleviate the problem, so that the Village did not receive fines but also so that residents would not have to worry about this becoming a bigger health issue. The Village now has a new sewer treatment plant, including a new lift station, force main and two wastewater treatment lagoons that cover more than 18 acres. The system will allow for growth of residents in the Village, which fits into their economic plan. “We are very appreciative of the funds that will help with our sewer needs. The news of the funding came at a much needed time,” said Village Clerk/Treasurer Lisa Beaudette. The lagoons are now in service due to a USDA Rural Development $612,000 low interest rate direct wastewater loan.

Obligation Amount:
$612,000 Direct Wastewater Loan
Year(s) of Obligation:
Congressional District:
Fortenberry (01)