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Joyce Caldwell outside her new home

RN Finds Her Goldilocks Home

At 65, Joyce Caldwell is hitting the reset button. Since closing a USDA Single Family Housing Direct Loan to buy a home in Berlin, NH last February, her outlook on life has turned 180 degrees. “There's nothing like having your own home and your own security,” she says. “It's… [Read More]
Kate Goyette of Sweet Bear Farm in Corinth, VT, shows off a steamaway boiler unit

A Modern Tale of Scale, Written by REAP

“We are not the first to sugar here,” says Kate Goyette of Sweet Bear Farm in Corinth, “but we do it differently than they did.” She nods at a rusted boiling arch on an ancient stone foundation, saplings and soil consuming the twisted metal in a relentless march of decades that… [Read More]
Castleton Library in Castleton, Vermont

Castleton Library Goes Vertical to Serve the Entire Community

The Castleton Free Library (CFL) in Castleton, Vermont is a beloved historic institution that serves its community far beyond the conventional role of book repository. By collaborating with other libraries throughout the region, the staff takes a proactive approach to expanding… [Read More]
State Director Waring speaks at the Winooski Downtown Revitalization ground breaking ceremony

Winooski Breaks Ground on Downtown Revitalization Project

The City of Winooski has undertaken a whole-street reconstruction project thanks to more than $20 million from USDA Rural Development Community Programs. Focusing on roughly 4,000 feet of the city's corridor from Interstate I-89 into downtown, the reconstruction will include… [Read More]