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Success Stories

Winooski Breaks Ground on Downtown Revitalization Project

Kevin Lambert
Community Facilities
State Director Waring speaks at the Winooski Downtown Revitalization ground breaking ceremony

The City of Winooski has undertaken a whole-street reconstruction project thanks to more than $20 million from USDA Rural Development Community Programs. Focusing on roughly 4,000 feet of the city's corridor from Interstate I-89 into downtown, the reconstruction will include upgrades and improvements to utilities, stormwater and wastewater management, and streetscaping and landscaping to establish a public right-of-way. 

"With this transformational whole-street project, the people of Winooski and visitors will enjoy a safer and more accessible downtown experience," said Sarah Waring, State Director for USDA Rural Development in Vermont and New Hampshire. "The unseen, underground infrastructural changes, meanwhile, will address stormwater and wastewater management to keep residents and the environment healthier, especially during times of unforeseen weather events. Winooski is a shining example of how a little community accomplishes big things, and how Vermonters come together to help their neighbors live happier lives. The leaders and stakeholders we're celebrating today are champions of community development whose long hours of selfless work have finally come to fruition, and on behalf of the Biden-Harris Administration, we are exceptionally proud to partner with them to see their vision become a reality."

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