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Success Stories

The Wright House At The Right Price

Jacqueline Susmann
The Wright House Apartment

When a mobile home park in Shelburne, Vermont went up for sale, community leaders came together to ensure affordable housing would still exist downtown. After six years of hard work, affordable housing is accessible once again in Shelburne.

“Wright House is a little living machine,” said Bob Essman, a new tenant in Shelburne’s new affordable housing unit.

Wright House is one of  five apartment buildings in the Harrington Village, an affordable housing community located in the heart of Shelburne. This building, encompassing 36 apartments, a community room, community kitchen, lounges on every floor, laundry facilities, beauty salon, tenant storage lockers, underground parking, computer station, garden beds for residents, gym and outdoor terrace and seating area, is now home to over 36 Vermont senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

In order to make this “little living machine” affordable, USDA Rural Development  invested $1,000,000 in permanent financing plus rental assistance. This low-interest direct loan will allow Cathedral Square Corporation to keep rent rates low, and Rural Development’s rental assistance will allow all tenants to live in their one-bedroom apartments for only 30% of their income regardless of rent rates.

USDA funding is making the dream of comfortable, convenient living possible for many Vermonters for years to come.

“I’m close to my family, I have space to display my art, everything is close–  I don’t need anything else. This place is the perfect home,” said Essman who has already covered his new walls in original artwork. “We are all here– hopefully– after a life full of adventure, and now we’re all comfortable.”

Obligation Amount:
$1,000,000 direct loan
Year(s) of Obligation:
Congressional District:
Welch, District 1