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New Mexico

New Mexico Rural Development State Office
100 Sun Avenue NE, Suite 130
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Phone: 505-761-4950

Questions about Multifamily Housing Programs? Call 1-800-292-8293

Rural Development Success Stories

A Partnership Made To Make Homeownership Possible for Native Communities

Native Community Development Financial Institution Relending Demonstration Program It’s very easy to get lost in where to start in the home buying process, between the application, documentation and the housing market it can be overwhelming. That’s when having support and subject matter experts really helps. For the diligent men and women who work in Rural Development’s (RD) Single Family Housing program it’s an…


Check Eligibility
Check a home, town or service location to verify eligibility for Rural Programs

Manage your USDA Loan
You can create an account and manage your current loan through the Customer Service Center (CSC) portal. You can also contact the CSC at 800-414-1226

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