Ready to Buy Our Home

Vicki Schurman
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Miranda Keifer is a single mother of a nine year old daughter.  They currently live in Norfolk, Neb. which they decided to call their hometown.   

Miranda had rented for years and was now ready to take the ultimate step, buying her first house.

"I decided to buy my own place so that my daughter and I have a place to call "home".  The best thing about our home is it is "ours" and the fact that someday down the road we may be able to get a dog." said Keifer. "Having the opportunity to go through the Rural Development Single Family Housing Direct Loan program for the loan has by far been the best accomplishment.  I am just grateful and appreciative to everyone who helped me along the way."

Keifer's funding came through a packaged Rural Development direct loan from the Northern Ponca Housing Authority.  The Authority also provided down payment and closing cost assistance of $15,000.00. The Authority is a packager that promotes Rural Development’s housing programs within the Northern Ponca Community.  It worked with the applicant to put together a loan application package that was submitted to Rural Development via Little Dixie Community Action Agency (an intermediary) for processing. 

The Keifer family now lives in a three bedroom bungalow with an established neighborhood.  Perhaps they are ready for that dog now?

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