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Puerto Rico

USDA Rural Development supports rural prosperity in Puerto Rico by investing in modern infrastructure such as high-speed internet and water and waste treatment systems. We help eligible rural Puertorriqueños buy or rent affordable housing, and we can partner with you to build or improve essential community facilities such as hospitals, libraries, and schools. We boost rural economic development by funding technical assistance for small business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them design robust business plans, find new markets, and promote their goods and services. We also help eligible businesses and manufacturers expand or improve, and we support energy programs that finance renewable systems for agriculture and industry. Because so many of our employees live and work in the very communities we serve, the USDA Rural Development mission is personal to us. It’s this commitment to our neighbors that sets us apart.

Scroll down to learn more about how we can help you and your community or visit our Puerto Rico contact page.




USDA Rural Development is conducting a review of all areas under its jurisdiction to identify areas that no longer qualify as rural for housing programs. The last rural area reviews were performed in 2017-2018 using 2015 American Community Survey (ACS) data. Rural area designations are reviewed every five years. This review will utilize the 2020 United States decennial census data.

Based on the 2020 US census data and rural area guidance located in Handbook HB-1-3550, Chapter 5, the rural eligibility designation is under review for the following areas in Puerto Rico:

Currently eligible communities under review (rural in character):
  1. Aguadilla
  2. Canóvanas
  3. Cayey
  4. Dorado
  5. Fajardo
  6. Guayama
  7. Hormigueros
  8. Humacao
  9. Manatí
  10. Río Grande
  11. Vega Baja
  12. Yauco
Currently ineligible communities under review (reconsideration of boundaries):
  1. Ponce
  2. Mayagüez
  3. Pueblo Caguas
  4. Guaynabo
  5. Carolina
  6. Loiza
  7. Toa Alta
  8. Toa Baja
  9. Canóvanas

The public shall have 90 days from the date of this public notice to submit comments regarding the potential loss of eligibility for Rural Development housing programs. Comments should be sent to SM.PUERTORICORD@usda.gov . For details, or questions about specific changes, please address on email subject ATTN: the Puerto Rico Rural Development Housing Program Acting Director Marilyn Feliciano at SM.PUERTORICORD@usda.gov .

Questions? Contact your local USDA Rural Development office!

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Puerto Rico Contact Information

Puerto Rico Rural Development State Office

EDIF 654 Plaza Suite 601
654 Ave. Munoz Rivera
San Juan, PR  00918-4129
Phone: (787) 766-5095
TDD: (787) 766-5332

Email Rural Development: SM.PUERTORICORD@USDA.GOV

Email Rural Partners Network: SM.PUERTORICORPN@USDA.GOV

Administrative Programs Fax: (855) 415-2523
Rural Housing, Community Facilities, Business & Cooperative Programs Fax: (855) 523-9680

Questions about Multifamily Housing Programs? Call 1-800-292-8293