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All Programs in California

This program helps qualified nonprofits and tribes create a revolving loan fund to increase access to clean, reliable water and septic systems for households in eligible rural areas.
This program improves the economic condition of rural areas by helping individuals and businesses start, expand or improve rural cooperatives and other mutually-owned businesses through Cooperative Development Centers.
This program provides technical assistance to socially-disadvantaged groups through cooperatives and Cooperative Development Centers.
Federal Register Notice - Funding Announcement - REAP TAG Funding Announcement
This program aims to increase the production of advanced biofuels.
This program offers loan guarantees to lenders for their loans to rural businesses.
Calendar Year 2022 Disaster Water Grants help eligible communities handle expenses related to incidents (Presidentially declared disasters) that damaged water systems.
This program provides affordable funding to develop essential community facilities in rural areas.
This program provides loan guarantees to eligible lenders to develop essential community facilities in rural areas.
This program helps eligible communities prepare, or recover from, an emergency that threatens the availability of safe, reliable drinking water.
This program provides funds to households in an area recognized as a Colonia before October 1, 1989.
This program provides 1 percent low-interest loans to local lenders or “intermediaries” that re-lend to businesses to improve economic conditions and create jobs in rural communities.
This program provides grants to qualified organizations to help them carry out local self-help housing construction projects.
This program provides a Rural Business Investment Company (RBIC) license to newly formed developmental capital organizations to help meet the equity capital investment needs in rural communities.