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Denali Commission High Energy Cost Grants


What does this program do?
This program assists the Denali Commission in lowering the cost of energy for families and individuals in areas with extremely high per-household energy costs (275% of the national average or higher).

Who may apply?

  • A legally organized for-profit or non-profit organization
  • A sole proprietorship
  • State or local government entities
  • Federally Recognized Tribes 
  • An individual or group of individuals
  • See the Denali Commission website for further eligibility details

What is an eligible area?

  • Rural areas served by the Denali Commission
  • Call (202) 720-9545 to see if your project area qualifies as rural

What kind of funding is available?

  • All funding through this program is provided in the form of grants

How may the funds be used?

Are there additional requirements?

  • Borrowers must have legal authority to provide, construct, operate and maintain the proposed facilities or services
  • All facilities receiving federal financing must be used for a public purpose
  • Partnerships with other federal, state, local, private and non-profit entities are encouraged

What is the national average annual home energy cost?
For the purposes of this program, the high energy cost benchmarks effective since publication of the 2010 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) are:

  • Electricity   $3,010 ($0.264 per kilowatt hour)
  • Natural Gas   $1,988 ($30.30 per thousand cubic feet)
  • Fuel Oil   $3,921 ($5.54 per gallon)
  • LPG/propane   $2,255 ($5.10 per gallon)
  • Total household energy $4,860 ($51.62 per million BTUs)

What is the current status of the program?

  • Our Boxscore provides a current overview of the Rural Electric programs
  • Visit the Denali Commission for more information

How do we get started?

  • Applications accepted through the Rural Development National Office
  • Call (202) 720-9545 for details
    • The application deadline is set each year by a NOFA
    • The deadline for Fiscal Year 2014 is August 1st, 2014 NOFA 2014
  • Program Resources are available online (i.e. forms, guidance, certifications, etc.)

Who can answer questions about this program?

  • Call the Rural Electric Program staff at (202) 720-9545

What governs this program?

Why does USDA Rural Development do this?
This program helps to equalize household energy costs in areas where local conditions cause energy costs to exceed 275% of the national average. This type of assistance increases economic opportunity and quality of life in rural communities nationwide by maintaining a seamless electric network for rural Americans.

NOTE: Program details may change over time. Before you begin an application, please confirm you have the most current information calling (202) 720-9545 or consulting the program instructions listed in the section above titled "What Governs this Program?"

There are no other architect, engineering or environmental requirements at the national level. If there are additional state-specific requirements they will be listed above. 

There are no other additional requirements at the national level. If there are additional state-specific requirements they will be listed above.

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