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Virginia Contacts

State Office

1606 Santa Rosa Road, Suite 238
Richmond, VA  23229
Phone: 804-287-1500 
Fax: 855-616-4613
TDD: 804-287-1753

State Director's Office

State Director: Perry Hickman
Email: perry.hickman@usda.gov, Phone: 804-287-1600

Deputy State Director: Ora Rollins
Email:  ora.rollins@usda.gov, Phone: 804-287-1584

Administrative Program Director: Terry Rosta
Email: terry.rosta@usda.gov, Phone: 804-287-1590

Public Information: Barbara Bowen
Email: barbara.bowen@usda.gov, Phone: 804-287-1626

Business Programs: Joe Boatwright
Email: joe.boatwright@usda.gov, Phone: 540-319-6468

Community Programs: Myron Wooden (Acting)
Email: myron.wooden@usda.gov, Phone: 757-346-3162
Single Family Housing Programs: Jeanie Barbrow
Email:  jeanie.barbrow@usda.gov, Phone: 276-484-9382

Multi-Family Housing Programs: Donna O'Brien
(Regional Director, NE Servicing Division)
Email: donna.obrien@usda.gov, Phone: 609-534-9485

VA Employee Directory