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Delaware and Maryland

Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program files are no longer be reviewed by Delaware & Maryland staff. A newly established National Office team, comprised of top specialists from around the country, now reviews program files, issues Conditional Commitments, and processes Loan Note Guarantees for Delaware and Maryland. This change is expected to help increase consistency in the application of the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program's rules and regulations. 

With this adjustment, all questions and scenarios about Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loans should be sent to the new processing team's email address: sfhg-apu@rd.usda.gov.

The Guaranteed Loan Program regulation (7 CFR 3555) and technical handbook (HB-1-3555) are available online to assist you with questions:

Helpful Resources

USDA ITS Service Desk Support Center
For e-Authentication assistance: Email: eAuthHelpDesk@ftc.usda.gov
Phone: 800-457-3642, option 1 (USDA e-Authentication Issues)

Rural Development Help Desk
For GUS system outage or functionality assistance: Email: RD.HD@STL.USDA.GOV  
Phone: 800-457-3642, option 2 (USDA Applications); then option 2 (Rural Development)

Delaware and Maryland Rural Development State Office
1221 College Park Drive, Suite 200
Dover, DE 19904
Main Line: (302) 857-3580 / Fax: (855) 389-2236

Questions about Multifamily Housing Programs? Call 1-800-292-8293

All USDA Rural Development offices located in Maryland and Delaware are currently in remote status Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Appointments may be scheduled through various points of contact and with authorization from the State Director.

Rural Development Success Stories

Investing in Wastewater Infrastructure is Key to Preserving Smith Island, Maryland

For the people living on Smith Island, the water matters. But it’s about more than the beautiful views of the Chesapeake Bay from the picturesque island ten miles from the mainland. The multi‐generational residents depend on the surrounding Chesapeake Bay for their livelihoods. For many, crabbing, oystering, and ecotourism are what puts dollars in their bank accounts, and food on their tables. In rural communities…


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Manage your USDA Loan
You can create an account and manage your current loan through the Customer Service Center (CSC) portal. You can also contact the CSC at 800-414-1226

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