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Success Stories

Making a House Feel Like a Home Again

Megan Patrick
Home Repair
rural development mississippi, housing preservation grant, multi-family housing, usda

Sometimes a new home is not what is needed, but repairs and renovations are simply sufficient to make a house feel like a home again. Ms. Mary Jane Hayman who is confined to a wheelchair has been living in the breakfast area of the kitchen of her home. She has been confined to this one area of her home since she has been in a wheelchair. Her hospital bed and all of her personal items were exposed in this one area. Through the Housing Preservation Grant administered through our Multi-Family Housing Programs, this problem no longer exists.

Housing Preservation Grant funds were used to make overall repairs to Ms. Hayman’s house to make it handicap accessible. The hallway and doors were widened to allow wheelchair access, a new HVAC unit was installed, a new metal roof and new windows to improve insulation. Also, a new sanitary sewer treatment system was installed to meet health department requirements. The transformation now allows Ms. Hayman to access her entire home. She now has a private bedroom and has the ability to travel through the hallways of her home and into her bathroom. Ms. Hayman’s quality of life has drastically improved with the renovations made with this grant.

This story illustrates Rural Development’s commitment to rural communities and the agency’s commitment to the StrikeForce Initiative to assist rural Mississippians in poverty stricken communities. We will continue working to build communities from the ground up and working to reduce poverty in rural Mississippi.


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Congressman Bennie G. Thompson, 2nd