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Success Stories

Texas Rural Development Loves Repeat Customers

Gayle Aubrey
Home Repair

In September 2013, Ms. Anne Hall, 71 years of age, applied for a USDA Rural Development Section 504 loan and grant to install a handicap ramp to her home in Farmersville, Collin County, Texas. The grant was approved and construction commenced. A typical grant, a typical USDA RD project, but that is where typical ended.

At the final inspection, Ms. Hall told Area Specialist Amber Anderson that she experiences post-polio syndrome. Ms. Hall often experiences severe joint and muscle pains and weakness, which in turn make getting into a bathtub difficult. Other common symptoms of post polio syndrome include fatigue and exhaustion with minimal activity.

As a leader in 504 production in Texas, Amber had recently approved a grant for another home to install an innovative bathtub with a side entry door.

Amber knew she had a solution for Ms. Hall’s condition. She showed Ms. Hall some pictures of this type tub. Both agreed this might be a solution. Ms. Hall reapplied in December 2013. After securing a contractor to perform the work, the second grant was closed in June 2014.

In a recent visit to her home, you could tell USDA Rural Development had a happy customer. Not only could she now get in and out of her house by using the ramp, she also had a adequate bath and shower. Ms. Hall was extremely pleased with the work performed by the contractor, Mr. Willard Bishop of Crandall Construction. Ms. Hall stated "Mr. Bishop performed quality work." In addition to the tub, Mr. Bishop rebuilt the rails on the steps to her home further ensuring the safety of Ms. Hall and her roommate, Ms. Patricia Jablonski.

As Area Director Allen Lambright and Area Specialist Amber Anderson were leaving, Ms. Hall said please come back, just to visit. That’s when we knew we had a happy customer.

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