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Success Stories

No More Fireworks At This Home

Deb Suhr
Home Repair
New furnace

Linda Karpen is a homeowner in Mitchell, Nebraska.  Shooting flames were coming out of her furnace, located in the crawlspace of the house, creating a severe danger. This made her extremely worrisome, wondering if the home would catch fire or that she may be without heat.  Linda contacted Northwest Community Action Partnership in Chadron to see if their weatherization program could assist her.  It was determined that the program would not work and Linda was referred to USDA. 

USDA Rural Development was able to utilize the Single Family Housing Repair Grant Program to purchase a new furnace and to relocate it to the main level laundry room.

No more fireworks at Linda’s.  In October of 2018, just before the first snow, the new furnace arrived at her home and was installed in the laundry room.  Now she has access to the furnace and can change its  filters.  Linda has peace of mind knowing she has a safe and dependable furnace.


Obligation Amount:
$5,566 Grant
Year(s) of Obligation:
Congressional District: