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Success Stories

Repairs Imperative to Keep Independence and Peace of Mind

Shelby Johnsen
Home Repair
Loretta 504 Success Story

Like many Wyoming women, Loretta is strong-willed and independent. She takes pride in her ability to do things for herself, and to not rely on others. But when her mobility started to decrease, Loretta’s daughter became concerned for her safety and wellbeing at home.

Loretta did not want to leave her home of many years for an assisted living facility, so her family knew that improvements to her home would be necessary.

With the help of a Single Family Housing 504 Repair grant, Loretta’s home underwent several improvement projects to eliminate potential health and safety hazards. Interior and exterior ramps were installed so that she could safely get in and out of her home. The only bathroom in her home needed accessibility modifications so that she could continue to take care of herself. A walk-in shower with grab bars replaced the bathtub that she previously had, which posed a tripping and falling hazard. A taller toilet was installed in the bathroom to increase accessibility, and plumbing updates were also completed in the house.

“Rural Development works to improve the prosperity and quality-of-life for small-town Wyoming. This ranges from helping an individual purchase their first home or stay in their existing home, improving water infrastructure or even assisting a community with building a hospital,” said State Director Glenn Pauley. “Success is measured through having a positive impact on people’s lives.”

Now that repairs are completed in Loretta’s home, she can continue to happily live independently in her home, and her daughter now has peace of mind for her mom’s daily safety.

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