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Success Stories

Sarchet Ventures REAPing the Benefits of Rooftop Solar

Marla Marx
Solar Energy
Rooftop Solar Unit Located on Top of the Bluffs Business Center Building.

The Bluffs Business Center in Scottsbluff, Neb. is a historical trademark in the downtown area located on Broadway. Sarchet Ventures owns and operates the Center. Mike Sarchet, managing partner of Sarchet Ventures, has a history of more than 30 years as an environmental educator. In addition to his passion for renewable energy, this project was a positive and feasible way to help offset operation costs of the Bluffs Business Center building and decrease the overall footprint of its operation. The Center was consuming 274,766kWh of electricity annually. With the installation of a 24.96 kW solar-photovoltaic (PV Solar) roof unit, that number is projected to decrease by 12.4%. This project is the first of its’ kind in the downtown area of Scottsbluff and demonstrates the potential of solar power to community members and other building owners. It very well could be the beginning of a more environmental friendly approach to the rural community's electrical consumption moving forward.

USDA Rural Development funds were utilized to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Rural Development awarded a renewable energy grant of $17,900 while Sarchet Ventures, LLC contributed $8,700 in addition to $45,000 in other funds for a total project cost of $71,600.

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