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Success Stories

TPI Solar Projects

Annie Holloway Jones
Renewable Energy
Solar Energy
Solar Panel array

Today’s Power Inc. (TPI), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arkansas Cooperative, Inc. (AECI).  AECI is a utility service company owned by all 17 electric cooperatives in Arkansas.  TPI was created to develop renewable energy.  TPI focuses on selling, installing, financing or leasing solar facilities to assist interested cooperatives and other companies in developing renewable energy resources.  TPI partnered with RUS to assist electric cooperatives in a six state area in making solar energy more affordable.  Using tax incentives is a key component to making solar affordable for cooperatives.  The key to making solar affordable is access to RUS financing. The TPI business plan is to install multiple solar installations, consisting mostly of 1 MW or less during the next two years.  In 2015, RUS provided a loan of $10.5 million to finance four solar facilities totaling 3.5 MW: Central Rural Electric Cooperative - Headquarter Campus – 0.5 MW; Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative Corporation – 1 MW; Clay County Electric Cooperative Corporation – 1 MW; Conway Corporation (Conway, AR) - 1 MW.  As electric cooperatives across the country are lessening their dependence on fossil fuels, renewable projects and solar facilities such as these constitute a cost-effective way to provide green power for rural customers.

Obligation Amount:
$10.5 million
Year(s) of Obligation:
Congressional District: