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Success Stories

Wastewater Rehabilitation in Ashton, Nebraska

Vicki Schurman
The new lagoon system in Ashton, Nebraska.

The Village of Ashton in Sherman County, Nebraska, had a wastewater system that was in dire need of rehabilitation due to several deficiencies that placed the village in violation of the Clean Water Act. The original collection system was in built in 1955. Areas needing most repair included broken pipes, root intrusion, and offset joints. Problems at the lagoon included excessive seepage, high fecal coliform threshold, and infiltration in the collection system when water levels rose.

USDA Rural Development funding was used to correct the errors and to install inflow and outflow measurement devices.  The project included the construction of a lift station with duplex submersible pumps. The new treatment consists of a two-celled lagoon, each with a surface area of approximately 2.1 acres. Collection system repairs consisted of point repairs at six general areas, including replacement of a sewer main at the Parish School and Polish Center.


Obligation Amount:
$700,000 Loan
Year(s) of Obligation:
Congressional District:
  • Nebraska: District 3