Success Stories

Jan Riggins Photo

Living the American Dream of Homeownership in Aberdeen, SD

It was nearly ten years ago when Jan Riggins suffered a big financial loss with losing her business and her home.

Alicia and her son, Sy, outside their new home

Central Kentucky mom overcomes tough real estate market to buy home in Jessamine County

Buying a house in the current market here in Central Kentucky requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Houses are often sold within a day or two of being listed, and gone are the days of negotiating the price down and having the seller pay closing costs.

The  Lopez Family in front of their newly purchased home.

Brownfield Native Continues Tradition

Megan Lopez was looking to purchase a home and raise her family in the town she grew up in. Megan had lived in a USDA Rural Development Multi-Family property in Brownfield for the last three years, but it was time to find a permanent single family home. 

Joni Evans with her partner, Gunnar Grip

Dog Saves His Human From Fire in Forks

Joni Evans of Forks, WA lost her home to a fire in June 2014.  She narrowly escaped with her life thanks to her dog, Gunnar Grip.  Gunnar woke Joni up by barking and knocking her out of her chair,… more

The Chavez Family were living in a cramped basement apartment before they were able to build their own home in Salem with nine other families. Now they can enjoy the open space provided by their new home.

Family Gains Independence with ADA Compliant Home

Elisa Chavez and her husband Martin Hernandez were living in a small basement apartment with their seven children. While living there, Martin sustained an injury from an accidental fall, requiring him to use a wheelchair. This injury made their family more aware of… more

June Walker stands in front of her home.

First-Time Homebuyer’s Dream Comes True with USDA Loan

June Walker, a single parent, was living in unsafe rental housing with her two special needs children. She wanted to improve her family’s living conditions.

Photo of Hysell family. Sydney, Mylon, and Ghavon on front porch of their new home.

A Life-Changing Connection

As a shy, single mother of one, with one on the way, Sydney Hysell described her situation as being “… in a bad relationship, and we were living in a shack that we could have been kicked out of at any time.” She wondered if she would ever be able to have a normal life with safe housing for her… more

Retirees Sandra and Daniel purchased their first home in Pahrump, Nev., with an affordable USDA mortgage loan.

Life-long Caregivers Achieve Homeownership in Retirement

Throughout their careers, Sandra and Daniel cared for others. They worked at the same long-term care facility in San Francisco, Sandra as a registered nurse and Daniel as a dietician. When they retired, they decided to move to Las Vegas.

Amanda with her two boys in front of their new home

A Single Mom's Road to Homeownership

As a single mother raising two little boys in Kalispell Mont., Amanda D. wanted to purchase a home for her family. But, with a modest income and skyrocketing housing costs, this dream seemed to be out of reach.

"Trying to buy a home with any traditional… more

The Thornton family are building their own home through the Mutual Self-Help Housing Program in Salem, Utah.

Family with No Previous Building Experience Builds Self-Help Home in 8 Months, Despite Family Health Crisis

In Salem, Utah, Joseph, and Alyssa Thornton are parents of a young growing family of five and have more than their fair share of daily challenges.