Program 101

Are Applications Being Accepted?: No
Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA):
What does this Program Do?
It makes grants to Agriculture Innovation Centers that then provide technical and business development help to agricultural producers seeking to engage in making “Value-Added” agricultural products. Grants are awarded through a national competition. Each fiscal year, applications are requested through a notice published in the Federal Register and through an announcement posted on
Program Funding: $3.5 million.
Maximum Grant Amount:  $1,000,000 (may be less at the discretion of the Agency).
Who may apply for this program?
Public bodies, institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations and for-profit corporations.
What is the matching funds requirement:
Matching funds are required for at least one-third of the total project budget. For example, if the total project budget is $300,000, matching funds must be at least $100,000. Matching funds may be provided in cash by the applicant or a third party or in-kind by a third party. They must be available for use during the period of performance and they must be used for allowable expenses.
How may the funds be used?
Grant and matching funds may be used for developing and operating an Agriculture Innovation Center and to provide the following services to agricultural producers:
·        Making matching grants.
·        Applied research.
·        Legal services.
·        Technical assistance, including engineering services, scale production assessments, market planning and development, business planning and other advisory services.
How do we get started?
Before you apply:
·        Request a Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number if your organization doesn’t already have one. You should plan on requesting it at least a month before the application deadline because you’ll need that number for the next pre-application step (see below).

·        Register your organization with the System for Award Management (SAM) if you aren’t already registered. The registration is free. You need to complete several steps. It’s a good idea to start the registration process at least a month before any application deadline. Before you start the registration process, we suggest reading through the HELP materials available on the SAM website. Then, you’ll need to create an account. After you create your account by setting up a user ID and password, you can register your organization. Remember, you’ll need your DUNS number to complete your registration. Also, make a note of your Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code and expiration date because you’ll need those for your application.
Forms and resources
Select the Forms & Resources tab to access program forms and resource information.
Who can answer questions?
If you have questions, you can contact your nearest Rural Development Office.
Will I Need to Send Any Reports If I receive a Grant?
If you receive a grant, you will need to send regular financial and performance reports. Your grant agreement will tell you how often you need to send the reports, what forms you need to use and what information you need to put in the reports.
Where Can I Get More Information about the Program?
Please read the Federal Register Notice for important information needed before applying for the grant. You can find the Agriculture Innovation Center Program regulation here:

What law governs this program? Forms & Resources:
This program is authorized under 7 U.S.C. 1632b.