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Minnesota Contacts

View the Minnesota Employee Directory for a list of staff by office.

Colleen Landkamer | State Director
O: 651-602-7801

Cynthia Morales | Area Enterprise Director
O: 651-602-7814

Kathy Hegstad | Public Affairs Specialist
C: 651-448-6484 | kathy.hegstad@usda.gov

Terry Louwagie | Community Programs Director
O: 651-602-7810 | terry.louwagie@usda.gov

Andrew Gag | Business & Coop Programs Director
O: 218-847-9392 x 3298 | Andrew.gag@usda.gov

Mike Monson | Single-Family Housing Programs Director
O: 218-829-5965 x 112  | Michael.monson2@usda.gov

Rod Jackson | Eastern Area Director
O: 763-689-3354 x 109 | Rodney.jackson@usda.gov

Scott Knutson | Western Area Director
O: 507-537-1401 x 4327 | scott.knutson@usda.gov

Chuck Phillips | Southern Area Director
O: 507-332-7418 x 110 | Charles.phillips@usda.gov