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Indiana Rural Development State Office
5975 Lakeside Boulevard
Indianapolis, Indiana 46278-1996
Call us at 317-290-3100:
     Ext: 1 - Single Family Housing
     Ext: 2 - Multifamily Housing
     Ext: 3 - Community Programs
     Ext: 4 - Business Programs
TDD# 317-295-5799
FAX 855-541-9019

Questions about Multifamily Housing Programs? Call 1-800-292-8293

Join Us! Learn more about Careers at Rural Development and view current openings to join a team that’s investing in a strong future for the people of Rural Indiana. 

Rural Development Success Stories

From Waste to Wow: Union City's Wastewater Treatment Facility Gets a USDA Boost!

In 2017, Union City, Indiana, started working on a project to upgrade its wastewater treatment facility. A visit from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management revealed that the city's treatment facility was not in compliance with several health and sanitation policies, prompting the need for improvements. After a long and arduous journey, the city secured a loan of $8,344,000 and a grant of $4,685,000 from…