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Logo for Appletree Rensselaer, Indiana

Appletree Rensselaer: Bringing Smiles to Little Faces in Indiana

USDA Rural Development awarded a Community Facilities Grant worth $133,200 to a childcare center in Rensselaer, Indiana. This grant will fund Appletree Rensselaer, a licensed childcare center providing services to 72 children between six weeks and five years old. The center will… [Read More]
Patrick Johnson in front of his USDA Self-Help home

From Renter to Homeowner: Patrick's Path to Homeownership

Patrick Johnson had always envisioned a day when he could own a home, but he felt that it was beyond his reach due to his circumstances as a renter. However, during a conversation with a close friend who resided in a USDA self-help home, Patrick became aware of a program that… [Read More]
Rush Memorial Hospital Mobile Clinic

Rollin' with Health: Rush Memorial Hospital's Mobile Clinic Brings Medical Care to Residents!

Rush Memorial Hospital is at the heart of the close-knit community of Rushville, Indiana. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the hospital faced unprecedented challenges, but they rose to the occasion and worked tirelessly to provide the medical care that their community needed.… [Read More]
Union City, Indiana, gets upgraded Wastewater Treatment Facility thanks to USDA funding.

From Waste to Wow: Union City's Wastewater Treatment Facility Gets a USDA Boost!

In 2017, Union City, Indiana, started working on a project to upgrade its wastewater treatment facility. A visit from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management revealed that the city's treatment facility was not in compliance with several health and sanitation policies… [Read More]

Family Business Grows into Success

Little did PJ Jonas know when she began making goat milk soap in 2006 that her project would develop into a career that she, husband Jim, and their eight children would soon share. Because of her desire to not use chemicals on the children’s skin, PJ wanted a natural soap that… [Read More]

Milk Trucks Run on Biofuel Generated from Dairy Operation's Waste

Recognizing the potential for environmental and economic benefits through renewable energy, Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana, is producing more than milk from its 11,000 dairy cows. The dairy’s anaerobic digester generates approximately 865 million BTUs of renewable natural… [Read More]

USDA Rural Development Funds Awarded in Dubois County

USDA Rural Development Funds Awarded in Dubois County The United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development is improving the lives of the residents of Dubois, Pike, and Warrick Counties by presenting a $2,171,690 USDA Rural Development Community Facilities low interest… [Read More]

USDA Rural Development Funds New Mental Health Facility

USDA Rural Development Funds New Mental Health Facility  The United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development is improving the lives of the residents of LaPorte County and surrounding counties by presenting a $2,000,000 USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Community… [Read More]

USDA Rural Development’s Program Provides Injection for New Hospital

USDA Rural Development was on hand September 27, 2013, in Tell City, Indiana during a ground breaking ceremony for the new Perry County Hospital.  Utilizing an $40,000,000 Community Facility Direct Loan, Perry County Memorial Hospital has begun construction of an… [Read More]