• NEWS: Important Single Family Housing Guaranteed Updates

    Effective December 8, 2019, the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program (SFHGLP) loan processing and activity for Louisiana will be transferred into the SFHGLP Origination and Processing Division (OPD) as part of the Wave 1 implementation of the new integrated model. 

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    We will be providing important SFHGLP integration updates using this tool in additional to the regular program updates.
    Files in Process:  All files received and reviewed by the Louisiana staff prior to December 8, 2019 will be completed by Louisiana staff.  

    New Submissions:  You can continue to use GUS as you have in the past; this integration will have no impact on your access to USDA systems.  New manual file submissions should be sent to:  SFHG-APU@usda.gov.
    Questions:  If you have a question about a specific loan file, please send an email to SFHG-APU@usda.gov and include the following information:

    • Identify the state the application is located;
    • Include your contact information; and
    • Indicate if you want a call back (otherwise you will receive an email reply)