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Success Stories

Dependable, Clean Water Strengthens Village Infrastructure

Natalie Furrow
Village of Harrison Well Controls

The Village of Harrison found itself with an aged water infrastructure.  Nitrates were too high and did not meet the State Water Drinking Act.  Water mains were 40-50 years old, leaking, breaking, and were either cast-iron or galvanized pipe.  Water meters had outlived their useful life.

Rural Development provided a $996,000 loan and a $688,000 grant, while a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) through the Nebraska Department of Economic Development contributed $250,000 to complete the needed infrastructure improvements.

The financial assistance helped the village to find a new well site.  Water meters are now new, which benefit not only the residents but the whole environment by promoting water conservation.  New water lines are installed throughout the village, along with new hydrants, and valves.

This water distribution system upgrade was critical to the village.  Harrison now has a quality water supply allowing it to focus on the growth and development of the community.


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  • Nebraska: District 3