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Success Stories

“This is Home” – A Family Finds Their Forever Home in Calais, Maine

One of the first rooms Heather Gagne and her daughters began redecorating in their new home is the dining room, shown in the top photo. They have been busy repainting and making other updates. Raising a family in coastal Machias, Maine may sound lovely, but for Heather Gagne recent years proved stressful. There were few housing options in their Downeast community, and Heather was glad to find a rental home to…

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Honeyville Metal has recently announced the installation of a state-of-the-art solar array at their Topeka, Indiana location. This sustainable energy initiative is a significant step towards reducing the company's carbon footprint while also saving on energy costs. The new solar array highlights Honeyville Metal's commitment to environmental stewardship and their forward-thinking approach to business operations.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun: Honeyville Metal's Path to Energy Independence

Honeyville Metal, LLC in Topeka, Indiana is a family-owned business that designs and fabricates innovative dust collection and grain handling equipment that supports a variety of industries across North America. The company has taken significant steps towards sustainability… [Read More]
Jared Stober with an outstretched hand holding a small bottle with grains inside.

From Farm to Tap

BISMARCK, N.D. – You’ve likely heard the phrases “Farm to Table” and “Farm to School,” but how about “Farm to Tap?” Though maybe not as common or mainstream, “farm to tap” is an appropriate way to summarize the path that grain, grown and harvested on family farms in North… [Read More]
Comanche County

USDA Community Facilities Guaranteed Loan is Transforming Rural Healthcare

In the rolling hills of Comanche County, Legacy Estate Long Term Care stands as a beacon of hope and innovation in rural healthcare. A not-for-profit care center owned by Comanche County Consolidated Hospital District (CCCHD), and led by CEO Nikki Stark and Misty Hill, the… [Read More]
A photo on a farm with a grain dryer in the center. There is a small white building to the right and grain bins around the grain dryer.

Farming for the Future

The State of North Dakota is roughly 70,000 square miles. Agricultural land occupied by family farms and ranches accounts for about 60,000 of those square miles. With the sheer number of acres dedicated to growing and raising our country’s food supply, it comes as no surprise… [Read More]
Watertower in George, WA was partially funded through USDA Rural Development.

Addressing Water Access Challenges Through USDA Rural Development’s Commitment to Rural Communities

Water is the life source for everything living on this earth. For human survival, we require clean and reliable water through sustainable infrastructure. While most people in US communities are blessed with water resources that don't even need to be thought about when the… [Read More]
Photo of a freshly paved East Washington Street in Gillett, Wisconsin

City of Gillett Paves the Way for State Highway Reconstruction

Whether we like it or not, orange barrel season is right around the corner in Wisconsin. Roads across the state will soon come under construction and orange barrels will pop up like bulbs in the garden. Depending on the type of project, communities can prepare in advance… [Read More]
The new water treatment facility at Wagon Wheel community in Brookfield, MA will replace 68 aging septic tanks and ensure the community meets environmental regulations.

Wagon Wheel community receives continuing support to upgrade wastewater system

Wagon Wheel Community is a small neighborhood comprised of 144 mobile homes on a 48-acre property in Brookfield MA. The community was faced with an antiquated system that was comprised of 68 septic tanks serving 212 residents. USDA RD Southern New England (SNE) started to… [Read More]
Leaders from USDA Rural Development and Sen. Murkowski's office break ground for the Chugachmiut Regional Health Center.

USDA Rural Development celebrates Chugachmiut Regional Health Center groundbreaking

USDA Rural Development Alaska State Director Julia Hnilicka attended a groundbreaking ceremony for the Chugachmiut Regional Health Center in Seward, Alaska, Saturday, June 3. The occasion marked the start of construction of the $20 million facility. “The past three years really… [Read More]
Town officials conferring with an RD staffer at the wastewater treatment plant site.

Taming an Energy Hog to Support a Growing Community in Elkton

Wastewater treatment is one of those services that most folks only think about when something goes wrong. In Elkton, Va., the quaint brick manholes of this scenic Shenandoah Valley community were covering a simmering issue with the sewer lines below. The treatment plant was… [Read More]
A skid steer with snow blower attachment blowing snow off a sidewalk

A Skid Steer, A Snow Blower and Safer Sidewalks in a Small Iowa Town

Located in southwestern Iowa, the town of Corning in Adams County is known for its historic architecture and rural landscapes. A strong sense of civic pride can be seen throughout the community, population 1,564. Small town charm, however, was not enough to serve the pressing… [Read More]