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People in front of building

Norris Electric Cooperative and SKS USA receive USDA Rural Economic Development Loan in Richland County

Norris Electric Cooperative, USDA, and SKS USA partnered to revitalize and expand a 16,000 sqft warehouse space owned by resident Mark Burgener. An additional 7,500 square feet is to be added to accommodate more offices and warehouse space for SKS USA. SKS USA is a wholly-owned… [Read More]

Pittsfield Police Department Gains New Vehicle

The City of Pittsfield and the USDA partnered together to find the right grant to access funds for a new unmarked police interceptor to continue to help the community fight the war on crime. This vehicle will specifically help in the battle against drugs and allow the town to… [Read More]
Forklift moving a bale of recycling

Doing What Needs to be Done

After moving a bale of recycling, the executive director of FAYCO Enterprises, Inc. jumped down from the newly acquired fork-lift with a skill that revealed it wasn’t her first time at the controls. Doing what needs to be done is how FAYCO operates. As a result, more than 200… [Read More]
Employees and Clients in front of the Winning Wheels Rehabilitation Office

Simply Life-changing

Jay* survived his military deployment without injury, but not the car accident he suffered in Florida; Susan* was seriously injured when a train hit her car at a railroad crossing in Indiana; and John* is a young man in Illinois whose motorcycle crash cut short his plans for the… [Read More]