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Success Stories

Wagon Wheel community receives continuing support to upgrade wastewater system

Brent Wucher
The new water treatment facility at Wagon Wheel community in Brookfield, MA will replace 68 aging septic tanks and ensure the community meets environmental regulations.

Wagon Wheel Community is a small neighborhood comprised of 144 mobile homes on a 48-acre property in Brookfield MA. The community was faced with an antiquated system that was comprised of 68 septic tanks serving 212 residents.

USDA RD Southern New England (SNE) started to address the problem in 2015 by providing assistance through the Water and Environmental Program (WEP) to repair the failing wastewater treatment system.

The original wastewater system was constructed in the 1970’s and most of the tanks posed a public health concern because the community’s well water was being contaminated by the toxic run off.

The system was producing so much wastewater that it was being pumped weekly, which became a tremendous financial burden on the community. The system was in violation of the health and environmental standards set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

The funds from USDA RD in 2015 were used to construct a gravity collection system, two 20,000 gallon holding tanks, two pumping stations and a state-of-the-art membrane bio reactor-based treatment facility.

USDA RD SNE returned in 2022 to provide additional WEP funding through a low interest loan for $517,000 to increase the daily flow of the system and perform upgrades.

The project will improve the quality of life for the community and ensure they are following health and environmental safety standards.


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