Success Stories

Rushville Fire Truck

USDA Assists in Protecting Residents and Firefighters

The 890 rural residents of the city of Rushville are currently served by a 1974 pumper truck that was refurbished in 1994. The vehicle lacks 4x4 wheel drive which is critical during poor weather conditions.  Also, the truck can't pump and roll simultaneously, and does not have four full size… more

Lakes Andes Fire Truck

Improving the Efficiency and Delivery of Fire Protection Services

The focus of any fire department is to reduce deaths and injury due to fire related hazards. Having protective clothing as well as updated trucks and equipment is vital, which improves the efficiency and delivery of fire protection services.

Ms. Hill in her new home.

RD Helps Mother Buy Her First Home

One of the most rewarding feelings for us at USDA Rural Development is making the call to an applicant once they're approved for a loan under the 502 Direct Home Program. You can hear the excitement in their voice and you can feel the gratitude through the phone lines. This was no… more

Home of Glaser.

From a Renter to a Homeowner

Tyler Glaser was tired of renting and wanted a home he could shape into his own.  As he works in Norfolk, Neb. it was an easy decision for him to decide where he wanted to own.
"My Mom works at a title company in Norfolk and pointed me in the right direction to NeighborWorks… more

Ready to Buy Our Home

Miranda Keifer is a single mother of a nine year old daughter.  They currently live in Norfolk, Neb. which they decided to call their hometown.   

Miranda had rented for years and was now ready to take the ultimate step, buying her first house.

Cagle Family Home

April Showers Bring May Flowers...and the Need for a New Roof

Barbara Cagle is an avid gardener and knows how important the early spring rains are to her flowers. This year however, the April showers threatened the safety of her home.

The Smith Family showing off their new home.

A Place to Call Home

New Orleans natives, Kerry and Trellis Smith, had long dreamed of purchasing a home but because of limited resources, low inventory, and the rising costs of houses in North Texas, this dream seemed out of reach.

Edna Contreras became a first-time homeowner in Spring of 2020 at the age of 71.  She realized that this long-time dream could become a reality with the help of USDA's Single-Family Housing Program.

It's Never Too Late

As a single mother of two children, Edna Contreras worked hard but didn't think it was possible for her to actually own her own home until she learned about USDA Rural Development.  

With her children grown, Edna was living in a place where she… more

Ramos Family outside their home in Wallkill, NY.

Homeownership Essential for this Essential Worker!

   Purchasing your first home is both exciting and challenging.  But, navigating a loan closing with over $20,000 in rehabilitation work during a pandemic certainly requires persistence and support… more

Shawn and Mariah Butenschoen’s willingness to adapt has helped their business and their community. Photo courtesy of Dean Koepfler.

Whatcom County Couple Boosts Their Business, Serves Their Community

One of the benefits of owning your own small business is the ability to be nimble and make quick financial and operational decisions when the need arises.