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    Lender Approval and Recertification: All lender approvals and recertifications will be initiated and processed by the National Office. Please direct any questions on lender approvals or recertifications to SFHGLD.Compliance@usda.gov.


    Effective January 19th, 2020, the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program (SFHGLP) loan processing and activity for Tennessee was transferred into the SFHGLP Origination and Processing Division (OPD) as part of the new integrated model. Lenders should follow the below guidance.

    Guidance for Loan Submissions

    Files in Process:  All loan files received and reviewed by state staff prior to January 19th, 2020 will be completed by state staff.

    New Submissions:  You can continue to use GUS as you have in the past; this integration will have no impact on your access to USDA systems.  Manual file submissions for the state of Tennessee should be sent to SFHGLPFOUR@USDA.GOV

    Contact Information
    If you have a question about a specific loan file in the state of Tennessee, please email SFHGLPFOUR@USDA.GOV and include the following information:

    • Identify the state the application is located;
    • Provide applicant’s name, if applicable;
    • Include your contact information; and
    • Indicate if you want a call back (otherwise you will receive an email reply)

     For all other inquiries not related to a specific file, please contact sfhgld.program@usda.gov.

     The SFHGLP Integration does not impact servicing (loss claims and electronic status reporting), Help Desk, access to USDA systems, or e-Authentication protocols.

    The Guaranteed Loan Program regulation (7 CFR 3555) and technical handbook (HB-1-3555) are available online to assist you with questions: 

    For more details, we’ve compiled a SFHGLP Integration Infographic: https://www.rd.usda.gov/sites/default/files/RD-GRH-IntegrationInfo.pdf

    Questions regarding technical issues:

    If you are experiencing technical issues with the Guaranteed Underwriting System (GUS), e-Authentication passwords, GUS User roles, etc., you may contact the Rural Development Help Desk at 1-800-457-3642.

Tennessee Contact Info

Tennessee State Office
441 Donelson Pike, Suite 310
Nashville, TN 37214
Phone: 615-783-1300, 800-342-3149
Fax: 855-776-7057

State Director Jim Tracy

Email: jim.tracy@usda.gov

Office Phone: 615-783-1315

Business Cell Phone: 615-788-2808

Rural Development programs are delivered through area offices across Tennessee.  For more information, please contact the specific program area or office servicing your location.

Map of Tennessee Rural Development Offices and Contacts.