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We support rural prosperity in Alaska by investing in modern infrastructure such as high-speed internet, electric service, and water and waste treatment systems. We help eligible rural Alaskans buy or rent affordable housing, and we can partner with you to build or improve essential community facilities such as hospitals, first responder stations, libraries, and schools. We also boost rural economic development by funding technical assistance for small business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them design robust business plans, find new markets, and promote their goods and services. We offer loan guarantees to help eligible businesses and manufacturers expand or improve, and we support energy programs that finance renewable systems for agriculture and industry. Because so many of our employees live and work in the very communities we serve, the USDA Rural Development mission is personal to us. It’s this commitment to our neighbors that sets us apart. Rural America is hometown America. More than a great place to live, it’s the people who make up America’s spirit and character.

Scroll down to learn more about how we can help you and your community or visit our Alaska contact page.

The homes must be located in presidentially declared disaster areas. People living in the Bering Strait, Denali, Kenai Peninsula, Matanuska-Susitna, and Yukon-Koyukuk regions in Alaska may be eligible for this funding.

The grants are being made available through supplemental disaster funding under the Rural Disaster Home Repair Grant Program. Through this program, people may apply to receive grants of up to $40,675 directly from USDA to repair their homes.

Funds will be available until expended. They may be used to:

  • Disaster related home repair expenses (including costs incurred prior to application)
  • Site preparation
  • The cost to transfer a manufactured home

To be eligible:

  • applicants must have household incomes that do not exceed the low-limits based on their household size and region.
  • homes must be located in an eligible rural area.
  • homes must be located in a Presidentially declared disaster areas 2022.

Residents in the following buroughs may be eligible for the funding:

  • Bering Strait Region, due to Typhoon Merbok
  • Denali, due to wildfires
  • Kenai Peninsula, due to a landslide
  • Matanuska-Susitna, due to a severe storm
  • Yukon-Koyukuk, due to wildfires

For more information, visit: https://www.rd.usda.gov/programs-services/single-family-housing-programs/single-family-housing-rural-disaster-home-repair-grants.

Questions? Contact your local USDA Rural Development office!

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Alaska Contact Information

Alaska Rural Development State Office
800 East Palmer-Wasilla Hwy, Suite 201
Palmer, AK 99645-6539
Main Phone: (907) 761-7705
Main Fax: (907) 761-7783

Questions about Multifamily Housing Programs? Call 1-800-292-8293

USDA-Rural Development provides federal assistance resources throughout rural Alaska and has invested $2.16 billion dollars in 236 rural communities in the last eight years.