Success Stories

Calvert police officer displays the 2018 patrol vehicle purchased with USDA Rural Development funds

Public Safety is the priority in Calvert

Calvert, a small rural town with a rich history, nestled quietly between Waco and College Station, will kick off the new year with a brand new police vehicle to serve its over 1,200 rural residents. This rural Texas town was founded in 1870 and encompasses the Calvert Historic District, known… more

Wagner Day Care photo

USDA Meeting the Needs of a Rural Day Care Center

Wagner Early Childhood Center is a childcare facility that supervises and cares for a large number of children in the Wagner area. The daycare provides services that support parents and guardians by caring for children too young to be left alone, or to attend school or school-… more

Lake Andes group photo

USDA Builds Sound Infrastructure for a Rural South Dakota Community

The City of Lake Andes recognized that two-thirds of the city sewer system was built in the 1920’s with vitrified clay pipe (VC) and brick manholes (MHs).  The sewer system was experiencing a significantly high rate of infiltration and inflow causing the sanitary sewer system to… more

Avera Health photo

Pioneering Innovative Ways of Service and Infrastructure Development for Rural Areas

With the passage of time, rural areas continue to have challenges.  Lack of infrastructure, distance to services, and a qualified workforce continue to plaque rural health care facilities.

Recreational UTV’s Provide Opportunity for Social Distancing Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Rory Maynard has owned and operated Edge UTV Rental (Legendary Investments, LLC) also known as Edge Sports located in Lead, SD for many years.  Edge Sports is a ski and snowboarding shop and the site location has immediate access to the Black Hills National Forest.  

Randy Gruenwald standing in front of a display of meats.

Dakota Butcher - 2020 SBA Entrepreneur of the Year

Seeing a business close their doors in a small town is always difficult. When the Clark meat shop closed in 2008, Randy Gruenwald decided he wasn’t going to stand by and watch it happen. His professional experience was an excellent fit to revive the… more

Peru Ambulance

Safety of Rural Nebraskans First with USDA

The city of Peru currently utilizes a 2004 Ford/Wheeled Coach ambulance as its primary and a 1991 Ford/Wheeled Coach as the back-up. The 1991 model has reached the end of its useful life. The 2004 model is two-wheel drive making it treacherous in bad weather, reducing the response time to… more

The Legacy

USDA Meeting the Health Care Needs of Nebraskans

Henderson Health Care Services' long term care facility, built in 1960, had reached the end of its useful life.  The electrical and mechanical systems were failing and out of date.  Electrical and data line infrastructure was an issue due to the advancement of modern technology and equipment.… more

Equus Run Vineyard

Vineyard uses Rural Development funding to help grow more than grapes

Rural Development is a driving force working behind the scenes in ways that many across the country do not realize. One way Rural Development helps is by supporting small businesses as they grow. Rural Development also assists single families in securing loans and grants to improve their living… more

Dakota Energy and Huron Regional Medical Center photo

Equipment Beneficial for Both Diagnosis and Therapy of Patients

The Huron Regional Medical Center has invested in new fluoroscopy equipment. Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that uses x-rays to obtain real-time moving images of the interior of an object. The equipment allows a physician to see the internal structure and function of a patient… more