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Rural Investments Through RD Programs: Overview

The primary purpose of the dashboards is to make Rural Development’s administration of its programs more transparent to the people of rural America and our partners who help RD fulfill its important mission. Meeting mission goals means helping all communities, especially those most in need, achieve prosperity and enjoy a higher quality of life. This means knowing how many dollars of financing RD is providing for housing, infrastructure, local businesses, and other community development projects, and how effective RD’s outreach is to communities in need (represented here by investment in Socially Vulnerable Communities). The investment data on the Overview Dashboards below focus on these top-level metrics and can be filtered by state and fiscal year from 2012 to 2022. For assistance on how to use the dashboards, you can view this Quick Reference Guide.

NOTE: For assistance with the dashboards and/or help interpreting the data, please email us at USDA.RD.DATA@usda.gov