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Rural Investments by State/County

The dashboards below enable the exploration of RD investments to the program level through a state/county lens.  They can be used to determine where loan, grant, and loan guarantee investments are made; how investment within a state/county has been trending over time; and how investment financing compares to other counties in the same state or other states.  The various views allow access to data about all states, counties, programs and investment types from 2011 to 2024.  Electric and Telecom programs are not included in state/county totals because these projects serve multiple states/counties. To view Electric and Telecom investments at the state level, and for information about the presentation of investment data in the territories and freely associated states, please go to the Overview page.

Please see our About the Data Guide if you have data-related questions. To learn about dashboard navigation and use, please view this Quick Reference Guide

For other assistance with the dashboards and/or help interpreting the data, please email us at USDA.RD.DATA@usda.gov